If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


“You all are amazing. Our daughter Sarah had to have her two front bottom teeth removed because her two big teeth came in behind her baby teeth. The office explained how it would work and that everything would be okay. True to your word, everything went better than expected. We got to the office and she was given her medicine to prepare her for her two teeth to be removed. Within 15 minutes, she was walking out to see me in the waiting room WITHOUT ANY TEARS. Then, my husband was walking behind her and gives me the thumbs-up and mouths, ‘SHE DID GREAT.’ Thank you again for making this process so easy for our entire family. We tell all of our friends about you all. We think everybody should have Dr. Kramer and Dr. Bunin as their dentists. What a blessing you all have been to our family. Thank you for the love, care, and concern that you continue to show our two children every time we come into your offices. YOU ALL ARE THE BEST.”

“What a great experience from the minute we walked in the door. This was my little’s first time ever going to a dentist so we both did not know what to expect. Dr. Bunin was great going over some new things we should do at home. The whole exam was not only fun but also fast like a three-year-old needs. Lots of fun songs and talking to my little about what she was doing. As soon as we walked out, my little was ready to go back. Thank you to the whole office for making this so great! See you in six months!” — Tracy B.

“Dr. Kramer, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank-you for taking care of my smile for the past 20-some years. You and your office have been a happy fixture in my life since my childhood, and I am sad to move on. However, I hope that my departure from your practice will mean that another little kid can come in and experience you and your staff’s excellent care!”

“We recently brought our boys to this office and can’t express enough how pleased with are. Not only is the staff super friendly, but Dr. Bunin is very kind, attentive, and is very good at explaining things in non-dentist lingo. She has put our boys at ease and even has called in the evenings after a procedure just to check in on my boy. I can't believe we didn’t know about them sooner. Thank you so much for your care!” — Jennifer H.

“Quote from one of my children: ‘Dr. Kramer? I love that dude!’ My children, ages nine and 12, have been with Dr. Kramer for a few years. They consider going to the dentist a positive experience. His play area often shows educational videos and just the other day, to my surprise, my kids mentioned something about dental care they learned from the videos at Dr. Kramer’s office. I trust his professional skills and judgment, and appreciate the way he cares for his staff and patients. He is caring, honest, trustworthy, works fast ... and my kids, who are his patients, really like him ... and so do I!”

“Even though we live in Manassas, it is worth the extra time driving to see Dr. Bunin. My daughter just had her first dental cleaning and it was fun and painless. She sang songs as she did her work and familiarized my daughter with the equipment before using it on her. The kid-friendly waiting room doesn’t hurt either. I will continue using this pediatric dentist as long as we are in Northern Virginia!” — Tiffany S.

“I have three sons and have been taking them to Dr. Kramer for at least seven years. My youngest has severe autism and is afraid of anything unfamiliar, especially something of a medical nature. Dr. Kramer is excellent at working with an anxious child — or an anxious mother, for that matter. He speaks very matter-of-factly to my son with a very calm voice. He tells my son what is going to happen and speaks to him while he is working, which is also calming to my son. He treats children with the respect they deserve to be treated with. Also, he is the best children’s dentist around — having saved us from procedures we really didn’t need.”

“My daughter had a great experience with Dr. Bunin. She was very thorough and knew how to keep my child comfortable and at ease during her appointment. She took the time to listen to my daughter’s concerns and respectfully addressed them. I appreciated the time and care that she provided to my daughter and would definitely recommend her to others.” — Kim S.

“A friend recommended this office when we moved here and I could not be happier. The kids see Dr. Bunin and she is great. We never have to wait when we get there; we are always seen promptly and she does a very thorough job and explains everything to me and the kids. I would recommend this office to anyone moving into the area for pediatric dental care!” — Sarah M.

“Dr. Kramer is the BEST dentist ever. He has treated all five of my kids. We have known him for more than ten years. Dr. Kramer was absolutely awesome, as well as the hygienists! And the entire office staff was so wonderful. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Hands down, I will never go to another dentist again. I wish he saw adults!”

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